Weather Insurance for Luxury Yacht Charters in Balearics

Saturday, June 16th, 2018 | 0

For your charter holidays aboard a luxury yacht in the Balearic Islands, you can now take out a new weather insurance: If stormy weather prevents leaving the port, the costs for “lost” charter days are reimbursed.

The crossing from Mallorca to Ibiza has to be postponed because strong winds and high waves make cruising very uncomfortable, or your charter yacht stays moored in the port of Ibiza during a storm instead of anchoring in the turquoise waters in front of Formentera beach – this port day was not planned in itinerary. There is no guarantee for good weather in any charter contract – even in the high season in the Mediterranean there can be storm, strong wind and high waves. But at least financially, you can now insure “lost” charter days during your dream vacation aboard the luxury charter yacht with crew in the Balearic islands. Mooring costs can also be insured as part of a comfort package.

For example, if it the wind blows with more than 5 Beaufort day and night, or the wave height exceeds two meters, the charter costs (for yacht and crew) will be reimbursed for each affected day. The wind strength or wave height from which the insurance takes effect can be determined individually. So the insurance premium is of course cheaper, if the insurance must pay only from a minimum wind strength of 7 Beaufort. Of course, you can still enjoy the ambience on board your yacht, with the service of the crew, culinary delights, on-board entertainment etc – only that this day of your vacation just lying in the port then has cost you nothing.

Crewed yacht charters in the Balearic Islands can be insured against stormy weather starting from charter prices of 2500 Euro per day or from charter prices of about 20.000 Euro for the whole charter period. The weather insurance must be completed at least 30 days before the start of the charter.

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