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Tuesday, January 19th, 2016 | 0

Master suite with a private terrace, Flyboard with remote control: many of the 90 luxury charter yachts, who met in the Caribbean at the Antigua Charter Yacht Meeting, show the trends of yacht design and equipment. More privacy for the guests (or owners) in the master suite is an issue – indeed there are already yacht with terraces, which are accessible only from there, although built-in or fold-out balconies are still a rarity, but they can be found. Not only the residents of the master suite, but guests in all cabins enjoy now on nearly all yachts the whole world of entertainment: If you asked for WIFI on the yacht some years – nowadays of course the standard – today Ipads in each cabin set the new standard using Apple Kaleidoscope for a selection of movies and music program with hundreds of movies, videos, music of every style, podcasts, TV etc. Of course on ever larger screens, which often disappear at your fingertips behind pictures or other design elements.

But not only inside, but of course as well outside the luxury yacht charter trip should be as pleasant as possible. On some boats a special air-conditioning already keeps you cool in the shade, to avoid high temperature at lunch or “Dining al Fresco”. The tenders often are now more than just a pure means for transport but beautiful and elegant gems (apart from the fact that some charterer like to add a sleek medium sized motor yacht in addition as a tender for his chartered super or mega yacht). And then of course Toys, Toys, Toys – nearly everywhere brand new jet skis, seabobs, wakeboards, water skis, stand up paddle boards, kayaks, sailing dinghies, ringos, floating islands … the private submarine is not yet aboard, but sometimes already the James Bond reminiscent Flyboard, with remote control. And camera drones sometimes help you to one of the best souvenirs – with the best pictures of the life on board from a bird’s-eye view.