Luxury Yacht Charters Italy – Itinerary from Naples

Naples, the Amalfi Coast, Ischia, Capri, the Pontine Islands… these are the destinations many people dream of when they think of a yacht charter holiday in Italy.


Day 1:  Naples
Welcome to one of the oldest cities in the world. After arrival at your charter yacht  in the port of Naples and making yourself comfortable aboard take a chance and have a look at the historical city – the old town is part of UNESCO world heritage. With its charming flair it is the perfect place to walk through the streets and enjoy the warm, welcoming Italian vibes. A highlight to see is definitely Galleria Borbonica. This magnificent tour will take you through the undergrounds of the city and its cistern. The National Archaeological Museum of Naples  offers a wonderful Collection of scultpures, arts and history. You can make a tour to the Vomero hill and Fortress San Elmo – from here you have a fantastic view over the city and to the Vesuvius. And enjoy a glass of wine in the charming small yacht harbour of Santa Lucia before returning to your yacht for a wonderful dinner aboard.


Day 2:  Naples – Ischia
The first stop on the journey will take you to Ischia,  the beautiful small island which got created by the ashes of volcanic eruption. Start your day with a nice breakfast on your yacht while enjoying the rising sun. Either you enjoy the warm sun and take a sunbath or if you feel like activity try out the water toys aboard – or the picturesque villages (likeForio or Sant Angelo) or tourist attractions on Ischia. With its history and culture, it has a lot in offer. It is well known for its hot springs and spas due to volcanic activity which have a  cleansing and relaxing effect on body and soul because of their thermal springs and volcanic mud – the Poseidon Thermal Gardens are famous. Also, the Castello Aragonese, which has its roots back in 474 B.C. and is located high above the city, is definitely worth to visit. Try some pasta in one of the trattorias – and after returning to your yacht, relax – enjoy the sun and the hospitality aboard, have a cocktail with a perfect view of the beautiful coast of Ischia…


Day 3:  Ischia – Amalfi
History is waiting for you! Start your day with an early arrival at Pompeij, the number one sight in this area. This place is a must go… and best in the morning when it is  still cool. A dramatic and dreadful event happened here 78 AD, as the Vesuvius erupted and buried the whole city under thick layer of ashes. It was long forgotten and later discovered again in the 17th century. Walk through the ancient streets of Pompeji and get to feel the roman vibes that fill the area. The streets and buildings are well preserved; you literally feel like the  Ancient Roman Empire. coming to life again ….
Back to reality which is fascinating as well: admire the beautiful Amalfi coast while cruising along and enjoy sunbathing aboard, discover the town Amalfi which is small but beautiful and offers a lot of interesting sightseeing options as well, like the cathedral, the lemon museum or the old shipyard which has been turned into a museum of nautical history…
Day 4: Amalfi – Capri
The beautiful island is one of the most famous and legendary islands in the South of Italy. With your yacht it is possible to get close to the Grottos, especially the well-known Blue Grotto. Anchor and dive off the boat and swim in glittering neon blue waters whose colours are of a brighter blue than a sapphire. Spend the day on board of your yacht, try the water toys and enjoy the beautiful Italian Vibes: Dolce Vita Italiana!! Have a sip on your cocktail while looking at Capris beautiful coastline – or stroll around the bars and cafés, or check the nightlife ashore…
Day 5: Capri – Sorrento
After breakfast aboard you can spend some time on the island – walking through the streets, shopping… or  take a taxi to mount Tiberius: on top is Villa Jovis, one of several villas built by Roman Emperor Tiberius –  from there you have a breathtaking view across the ocean. Then enjoy lunch onboard while heading to your next destination, Sorrento, a town near Capri on the mainland with more than 2000 years of history – always popular among visitors from all over the world, well known for gardens full of lemon and orange trees. Sorrento is a very mythical place. According to old sagas, once upon a time the sirens used to distract all the sailors from here. When Odysseus managed to escape, the sirens transformed themselves into rocks.
Enjoy a lazy afternoon in the sun aboard before exploring the old streets, try out the neat bars and plenty cafés that are located in the  town. Have a traditional Italian dinner aboard – with a perfect view at the beautiful harbour of Sorrento.
Day 6:  Sorrento
From the top of the hill you have  a picturesque view on Mount Vesuvius, one of the most majestic Volcanos on Earth. Explore the surroundings and other small picturesque towns on the Sorrento peninsula like Piano di Sorrento, Sant’ Agnello or Massa Lubrense,  or just take a walk through this lovely city and its gardens.
Then relax – enjoy a last lazy afternoon aboard, lying in the sun, swimming, playing with the water toys…Have a last typical Italian dinner aboard, and fade out an unforgettable holiday while enjoying “Musica, vino e la dolce vita”.
Day 7:  Sorrento – Naples
Return to Naples – enjoy a last view of this vibrant town before your transfer to the airport… with a lot of memories of Italy and your charter yacht that you will always keep in mind!


If you have more time, you should include a visit to the Pontine Islands in this itinerary. Ventotene and Ponza are picturesque islands, Ponza is a very popular holiday island among luxury yacht charter guests.


*Each cruise will be tailored according to your wishes and ideas and current weather conditions. Please discuss details with the captain – often he has the best suggestions!