Luxury Yacht Charters in Sweden – Itinerary

Crewed Yacht Charters in Sweden – Itinerary from Stockholm

One of the best areas for luxury yacht charters in Sweden is the Stockholm archipelago. With its 33,000 islands it’s  often described as every sailor´s paradise. There are almost infinite opportunities. Whatever wind force or direction you can always find the kind of sailing you are looking for. There are several small marinas as well as thousands of natural harbors why finding a place for the night is easy. It is just a question of what kind of surroundings you prefer. It is said you can sail in the archipelago for a lifetime without staying in the same natural harbor twice. Below you find an example of a week´s itinerary.

Day 1: Stora Nassa
Stora Nassa is an amazing small archipelago consisting of 365 islands and skerries and is known for its wild life. This archipelago is so far out and surrounded by so tricky navigation that it takes skilled yachtsmen to sail here. When moored to the rocks you have your well-deserved ice-cold beer in an astonishing surrounding.

Day 2: Sandhamn
In the center of Stockholm Archipelago there is a group of sandy islands creating very sheltered harbors, the most known is Sandhamn. This is the center of the sailing activities in the archipelago and there are several races organized from here. Here you can visit chic boutiques and have an ice-cream at the 120-year-old cafe.

Day 3: Nämdö
The wooden fired sauna in the northern tip of Nämdö is a must. Chop the wood, fire it up, enjoy and take a swim in the Baltic to cool off. When you return to the yacht the chef serves her superb three-course-dinner on aft-deck.

Day 4: Huvudskär
The most amazing area in this south-east corner of the archipelago is on the main island of Huvudskär, pointing east. The rocks are stretching out many hundreds of meters, smoothed by the ice 10,000 years ago. After a stroll and some sunbathing you enjoy a barbeque on the warm cliffs.

Day 5: Byttafladen
After breakfast, as always with freshly baked bread, we set sails and go south to Byttafladen. The entrance is difficult and should be done carefully and with experienced crew on board. Well inside you find yourself in a lagoon protected all around. Hiking on the island is nice and from the top the view is endless and fantastic.

Day 6: Utö
Early afternoon we enter Utö, one of the largest islands in the Stockholm Archipelago. After the afternoon tea some of you might rent bikes which is a popular activity on the island, others might launch our kayaks or the rib to explore the nearby islands by yourselves.

Day 7: Stockholm center from the waterside
The capital of Stockholm is built on 14 islands, some call Stockholm the Nordic Venice. The entrance approaching Stockholm is fantastic whether you come from north passing the fortress Waxholm or from south passing the very narrow canal “Stäket” with all waterside villas around.

There are only very few yachts available for crewed charter holidays in Sweden. You can explore the Stockholm archipelago for example aboard ICHIBAN, a beautiful Swan sailing yacht. Please ask for offers for this and other yachts.