FAQ – Luxury Yacht Charters

FAQ – Luxury Yacht Charters

Where should I charter, and which yacht – the choices

When it comes to choosing the destination and a suitable yacht, you are spoilt for choice.

Perhaps you already know what your dream location is – otherwise, we will be more than happy to advise you. Of course, the ideal destination depends on the date you are planning to travel, the local seasons and weather conditions, and of what you expect from the destination – whether secluded coves, fascinating historic towns, classy yacht clubs or a picturesque local atmosphere – we are happy to help you choose the destination for your luxury yacht cruise.

It is obvious that in the summer months, the Mediterranean is particularly popular, and in the winter months the Caribbean. But of course there are further interesting territories. We will gladly provide you with itineraries, which are of course very flexible. In the end you decide, which of the individual destinations you want to land in the course of your luxury yacht charter holiday, together with the captain who knows the local conditions.

Motor yacht, sailing yacht, motor sailer, gulets, catamarans: all these luxury charter yachts have their merits. Typically you already have an idea of which of these types of yachts you prefer, the desired size, etc. – otherwise we are happy to help!

Based on a first a first preliminary selection of yachts you can narrow down your ideas further with us and have a look what could be your dream yacht and what might fit your budget. Then we will send you a targeted selection of offers, which you can use to make a concrete decision: with photos, online brochures, information regarding the crew etc. It is also important to know how the guest group will be compiled: some boats and crews are particularly child friendly.

What I can and want to spend – the costs

Luxury charter yachts are available in many price categories. You should know how much approximately you want to spend. The costs for the charter holiday are made up of several factors:

* The charter price of the yacht

* Plus VAT (which differs in every country and is particularly relevant in Mediterranean countries. We will gladly inform you about the VAT rate of your desired destination.

* APA (Advance Payment for Provisioning Allowance) – this is a deposit for the cost of food, drinks, fuel and harbour fees. The APA is usually between 20-25% (sailing yachts) and 30% (motor yachts). All expenses on board are well documented with receipts and bills. If the APA is not fully consumed, the excess will be refunded. Should the APA be insufficient, as the preference of charter guests regarding luxury products and other extras may vary, the applicable amount may have to be paid subsequently on board.

* Positioning / reposition fee: If you want to charter a yacht from a different location than their home port, or you want to get off at another harbour, this is usually not a problem – the costs for transporting the vessel from or to the home port will be added to the charter price.

* Tips – the amount of the gratuity depends obviously on the satisfaction of the guests. Approximately 10% of the charter price are the norm.

Further variants:

* All inclusive: especially on many catamarans and smaller yachts in the Caribbean there is an all-inclusive concept, where food, drinks (alcohol within the normal range) and fuel are included. The charter price then often depends on the number of participants.

* Gulet – terms: for most motor sailor – gulets, especially in Turkey, Greece and Croatia, special gulet – terms apply: a certain number of engine hours is already included, and there are packages for catering.

What happens after the decision for a yacht – the formalities

After your confirmation you will receive the charter contract with the terms and conditions – as soon as you sign them, all parties will countersign. Payment is usually in two parts: 50% of the charter price when booking, another 50% plus APA up to 6 weeks before the charter.

Payments are made by transfer to a special account – the payment is confirmed immediately upon receipt.

You should also decide whether to take out travel cancellation insurance, which we recommend in principle. For high quality luxury yacht charter there is specially tailored insurance – ask us!

How does the crew know my preferences regarding culinary and other wishes – the preference sheet

A few weeks before the charter you will receive a “preference sheet” from us, a questionnaire on which not only names and passport numbers, flight dates and transfer requests of all guests will be entered, but also all preferences, culinary wishes, information regarding allergies, water sports etc. Thus the crew can optimally prepare for your luxury yacht holiday.

Last but not least – the broker

Charter is a matter of confidence – a specialised broker such as Yachtcharter-Connection Michaela Kube, operator of Premium-Yachtcharter.com, knows the market and many yachts and crews personally, helps with the selection of territory and yacht, answers all your questions, is member of a recognised broker association and has the necessary liability insurance.