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One of the most enjoyable parts of planning your yacht charter is selecting the destination. Do you want Caribbean Islands with their palm trees, sandy beaches, coral and laid back life style, or do you want the sophistication and glamour of the French Riviera? Or something more adventurous such as an Alaskan or Galapagos Cruise? Cruise off the beaten track?

Selecting the perfect destination requires matching your goals and desires with the climate, amenities, cuisine and places of interest of the possible destinations. Our experts will help you decide where’s best for you – we’ve been to all of them and will give you an honest assessment that you might not get in a tourist board brochure! The more you let us know what your desires are, the better we can help.

Luxury yacht charter Northern Europe: Scandinavia, Great Britain

Breath taking fjords in Norway, the rough Lofoten islands, skerries with small red summer cottages in Sweden, the Danish South Sea, and on top beautiful Scandinavian cities such as Stockholm, Gothenburg, Oslo, Bergen, Copenhagen, Helsinki: While northern Europe is not exactly a meeting point for luxury charter yachts, some of them are cruising Scandinavia anyway and facilitate beautiful excursions in the Baltic sea, German sea and Norwegian sea up until the Arctic Circle. Even the coasts of England, Scotland and Ireland are very charming in summer, primarily of course the south coast with the Solent, where you can find countless ports and marinas, and the Isle of Wight, effectively the origin of British yachting. The Channel Islands Jersey and Guernsey and the Cornish coast are also highly attractive destinations for a luxury yacht charter holiday, as well as the secluded almost subtropical Isles of Scilly.

Luxury yacht charter in Central America: Mexico, Belize, Panama

In Central America, 3 countries are especially attractive for holidays on a luxury yacht charter: In Mexico, some luxury charter yachts are stationed on the Caribbean coast: Cancun, Riviera Maya and Cozumel Island are exciting destinations on your cruise. On the west coast, the desert landscape of Baja California provides a stunning backdrop – and a great contrast for the turquoise water of the Sea of ​​Cortez, the Gulf of California. Luxury yacht charter starts here mostly in La Paz. Further south, Mexico even has a Pacific Riviera between Mazatlan and Puerto Vallarta to Acapulco – however, the exclusive seaside resort has lost its appeal for tourists.

A jewel of nature is Belize – off the Caribbean coast of this small country lies the second largest coral reef in the world, that borders a uniquely protected cruising territory. In a luxury yacht charter holiday in Belize, which normally commences from Placencia – you can anchor before countless islands and islets, explore wildlife sanctuaries and admire the fantastic underwater world while snorkelling. Belize is primarily an area for luxury catamarans.

Panama has so far been mainly known for the Panama Canal – lately in Panama City luxury charter yachts have been stationed as well. The Las Perlas islands on the Pacific side and the San Blas archipelago along the Atlantic coast of Panama are interesting archipelagos, which are worth visiting by charter yacht.

Luxury yacht charter on Galapagos

The Galapagos Islands are considered as a unique natural paradise, with numerous endemic animal and plant species. The archipelago, which is officially called Columbus Archipelago, belongs to Ecuador and is about 1000 kilometres west off the coast of the South American country, and is a World Heritage Site of UNESCO . The name comes from the Galapagos giant tortoises, after which the archipelago was once temporarily named. Of the 13 main islands (in addition there are about 100 small islands), five are inhabited. The main ports are Baltra, Puerto Ayora (Santa Cruz) and Puerto Baquerizo Moreno (San Cristóbal). In Galapagos, there are few luxury charter yachts, motor yachts and sailing yachts – and several small and larger vessels for groups of 16 people or more. Due to the limited supply, it is advisable to book the charter holiday in the Galapagos very well in advance.

Luxury yacht charter in Antarctica, Greenland and more

Even in remote regions, a luxury yacht charter holiday is occasionally possible, which can even lead to Antarctica or Greenland aboard a luxury Explorer Yacht.


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23.20m | Pax: 6 | €21,363 | 2004/2010
Type: Sailing Yacht
30.00m | Pax: 10 | €33,850 | 2007 - refit 2018
Type: Motor Sailor / Gulet
27.00m | Pax: 12 | €14,000 | 2000
Type: Motor Sailor / Gulet
28.00m | Pax: 11 | €21,000 | 2009
Type: Sailing Yacht
Douce France
42.20m | Pax: 12 | €95,000 | 1998/2001
Type: Catamaran
21.00m | Pax: 8 | €27,000 | 2008
Type: Motor Yacht
18.30m | Pax: 8 | €31,500 | 2013
Type: Catamaran
30.00m | Pax: 14 | €30,000 | 1987/2012/2013(Refit)
Type: Sailing Yacht
21.33m | Pax: 8 | €19,600 | 1983 | Refit 2013
Type: Sailing Yacht
38.00m | Pax: 18 | €35,000 | 2007
Type: Sailing Yacht
Lady J
43.30m | Pax: 10-12 | €90,000 | 1997/2008-12
Type: Motor Yacht
32.97m | Pax: 6 | €49,091 | 2004/2009/2014
Type: Sailing Yacht
More Magic
20.42m | Pax: 6 | €16,363 | 2010
Type: Sailing Yacht
18.28m | Pax: 8 + 2 children | €22,000 | 2011
Type: Catamaran
82.50m | Pax: 30 | €525,000 | 2004 | 2011 (Refitted)
Type: Motor Yacht
36.60m | Pax: 10 | €70,000 | 2008
Type: Motor Yacht
46.94m | Pax: 10 | €150,000 | 1998/2005/11/14(Refit)
Type: Motor Yacht
24.00m | Pax: 10 | €28,000 |
Type: Sailing Yacht
24.00m | Pax: 8 | €11,550 | 2007
Type: Motor Sailor / Gulet
27.03m | Pax: 10 | €45,000 | 2012
Type: Motor Yacht
Sanssouci Star
53.53m | Pax: 12 | €100,000 | 1982 | Refit 2019
Type: Motor Yacht
22.50m | Pax: 8 | €19,000 | 1995 | 2011
Type: Motor Yacht
69.95m | Pax: 22/26 | €385,000 | 2004/2014(Refit)
Type: Motor Yacht
Sweet Escape
36.62m | Pax: 10 | €86,364 | 1993/2005/10(Refit)
Type: Motor Yacht
35.36m | Pax: 7 | €54,546 | 2003
Type: Sailing Yacht
37.18m | Pax: 10 | €95,000 | 2003 | 2011 (Refitted)
Type: Motor Yacht