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Luxury Yacht Charter in the Eastern Mediterranean

Picturesque islands, ancient history and cordial hospitality in Greece; medieval towns with a lot of history and a diverse island world in Croatia and Montenegro; dream bays, a beautiful coastline and a touch of orient in Turkey: For a luxury yacht charter in the Eastern Mediterranean there are numerous fantastic territories, that leave hardly anything to be desired. Luxury yachts, super yachts, mega yachts – there is a wide range of choices. In Greece and Montenegro, luxury sailing yachts and luxury motor yachts are dominating, while in Turkey, motor yachts and luxury yacht charter holidays on Gulets are popular, and some of these motor sailers are also found in Croatia.

Luxury Yacht Charter in Greece

The tradition of sailors from several millennia has continued until today: Greece is one of the most popular Mediterranean destinations for luxury yacht charter holidays. Culture with plenty of antiquity, temples and buildings, beautiful island sceneries and sociable cheerfulness in taverns ensure a perfect holiday blend.

Even in the Saronic (Argolian) Gulf right on the doorstep of the capital Athens there are sufficient destinations for a week-long varied cruise – with visits to the artist’s island Hydra, to Poros, Aegina and with excursions to places on the Peloponnese. Kea, Andros, Syros, Mykonos, Paros, Delos, Santorin: When it comes to luxury yacht charter holidays, many think first and foremost of the Cyclades with the typical white houses who rise above the deep blue sea, of picturesque alleys, inviting bars… ideal for relaxation!

The Dodecanese is another popular spot for luxury yacht charter in Greece, including the islands of Kos, Rhodos, Samos, Kalymnos and as a picturesque highlight the harbour of the island of Symi. The Ionian Sea is another exciting destination for luxury charter yachts between Lefkas and Corfu – greener with cypresses and a varied fauna, almost Italian architecture and charming little ports.

Luxury Yacht Charter in Croatia

Medieval towns with traces of the Venetians and other cultures, crystal clear water, original fishing ports and modern marinas, countless islands and islets along the 1777km long coast – it is no surprise that luxury yacht charter holiday in Croatia is becoming more and more popular.

The majority of luxury charter yachts cruise in Dalmatia – preferably in the region around the towns Split and Trogir, which are worth a visit in its own right. The nearby islands – for example Brac, Hvar, Vis, Lastovo – offer numerous highlights. Vis, which is known for its excellent wine that is grown there, and Bisevo with a blue Grotto which is worth visiting, are the furthest from the coast and are almost halfway through to Italy. Hvar with its lovely old town and a fantastic landscape, is a meeting place for society in summer, there are many bars and clubs. The luxury yacht charter holiday often leads past the islands of Korcula and Mljet all the way to Dubrovnik with its legendary picturesque old town. And the Elaphites, a group of islands off Dubrovnik, lure with monasteries, orchards with olive trees, citrus trees and palm trees, as well as parks in front of mansions from the 16th century.

Further Charter regions in Croatia are on one hand Istria in the north, which is a cruising territory in its own right with some Italian flair in towns like Rovinj, Pula and Opatija, with islands like Punat, Rab, Mali Losinj or Ilovic in the Kvarner bay… on the other hand, holidaymakers who appreciate unspoilt nature will find the Kornati archipelago interesting: the group of over 100 islands is a nature reserve.

Luxury yacht charter in Montenegro

Montenegro is the starting point for many luxury charter yacht cruises to Croatia – particularly motor yachts have their home port here. The ultramodern Marina Porto Montenegro was built especially for super yachts. Even Montenegro itself has many places of interest: there are no islands, but small ports and anchorages on the main land, and the bay of Kotor is a real highlight: it is regarded as one of the most beautiful fjords in Europe. The Adriatic coast of Montenegro is only about 300km long.

In Kotor, the main attraction is the historic old town, Herceg Novi by marina in the middle of town. Tivat with two offshore islands is also worth visiting, as well as mansions and old churches in Peran. In the oldest town of the bay, Risan, there are attractions from the ancient world. On the coast of Montenegro, which is only about 300km long, is the tourist stronghold Budva with beaches and a lively old town with galleries, bars and shops on the peninsula. Another meeting place for luxury charter yachts is the town of Bar.

Luxury yacht charter in Turkey

A touch of orient, dreamlike secluded coves with crystal clear water, pretty coastal towns, ultramodern marinas, excellent light Mediterranean cuisine: a luxury yacht charter holiday in Turkey promises total relaxation in a varied atmosphere. In addition to motor- and sailing yachts there are mainly Gulets , the “classic” Turkish motor sailers, popular and luxuriously equipped, plenty of living space on and below deck, plenty of space for sunbathing, combined with a Turkish flair and sailing feeling.

The majority of luxury yacht charter cruises start in Bodrum, which is often referred to as the St. Tropez of the Eastern Mediterranean, or in Göcek in the bay of Fethiye. Often one-way cruises between these two ports are offered, with stops in the most beautiful bays, for example in the gulf of Gökova or the bays of Bozburun and Marmaris… Once in Göcek, a cruise towards east up until Kas is worthwhile, and from Bodrum a cruise around the Bodrum peninsula pays off, with stops in the modern Palmarina in Yalikavak, in the picturesque town Gümüslük, in Torba, in the gulf of Didim and in numerous secluded dream bays. And it goes without saying that luxury yacht charter cruises in Turkey can be combined with a trip to Greece, for example to Kalymnos, Kos, Symi or Rhodes.

And whoever fancies shore excursions: in coastal areas there are, amongst others, hot springs, waterfalls or rock tombs that can be reached by river cruise, rock tombs in Myra or highlights of the ancient world like Ephesus, Xanthos or Kaunos…


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40.00m | Pax: 16 | €115,000 | 2006 - refit 2018
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31.40m | Pax: 10 | €53,600 | 2010
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Endless Summer
39.62m | Pax: 10 | €98,000 | 2001 | Refit 2009
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37.60m | Pax: 14 | €28,000 | 2008
Type: Motor Sailor / Gulet
44.00m | Pax: 12 | €130,000 | 2011
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33.00m | Pax: 10 | €45,000 | 2007
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80.20m | Pax: 12 | €500,000 | 1990 | Refit 2017
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45.72m | Pax: 10 | €165,000 | 2007 | 2014 (Refitted)
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39.30m | Pax: 12 | €65,000 | 2000
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39.50m | Pax: 12 | €24,500 | 2009
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23.00m | Pax: 10 | €8,500 | 2000 / 2011
Type: Motor Sailor / Gulet
41.00m | Pax: 10 | €87,000 | 1999
Type: Motor Yacht
30.00m | Pax: 12 | €35,000 | 1992
Type: Motor Yacht
47.50m | Pax: 12 | €147,000 | 2004 | Refit 2015
Type: Motor Yacht
42.50m | Pax: 10 | €75,000 | 1977
Type: Motor Yacht
60.00m | Pax: 12 | €320,000 | 2011 | Refit 2014
Type: Motor Yacht
15.84m | Pax: 12 | €13,500 | 2015
Type: Catamaran
48.70m | Pax: 12 | €110,000 | 2012
Type: Motor Yacht
21.16m | Pax: 8 | €21,300 | 1999
Type: Motor Yacht
36.10m | Pax: 8 | €38,500 | 2010
Type: Sailing Yacht
35.00m | Pax: 12 | €80,000 | 2010
Type: Motor Yacht
Mezcal II
38.00m | Pax: 12 | €33,250 | 2012
Type: Motor Sailor / Gulet
My Toy
42.00m | Pax: 10 | €89,000 | 2009
Type: Motor Yacht
37.30m | Pax: 12 | €40,000 | 2011 | 2012
Type: Sailing Yacht