Follow Tenders for more Flexibility

Mittwoch, Juni 15th, 2016 | 0

They give you flexibility during your luxury yacht charter cruise: fast follow tenders resp. speedboats are getting more and more popular, especially in Greece. Bigger, faster, and much more comfortable than the normal tenders: While your luxury yacht stays in the harbour you have chosen to spend the night, they take you to a fantastic beach or bay on the other side of the island – with a speed around 45 – 50 knots and full comfort. Or to the next town where you want to do some shopping. Or they take you ashore in style, while some of your guests are still enjoying watersports in a bay. And when you change your location the next day, the follow tender just follows you to be directly available at the next destination. For mega yachts with own ultra luxury tenders similar to motor yachts, you do not need to charter a separate follow tender – but for many luxury yacht charters in the Greek islands (and other destinations), they can give you a lot of options, flexibility and fun!