Bodrum Cup 2015 – Wooden Gulet Regatta

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Bodrum Cup 2015 – Wooden Gulet Regatta

“You have to work hard in order to make our heavy lady fast”: Dominique, our “secret weapon” in the Bodrum Cup 2015, is trying to trim the maximum 500m2 sail surface to make the Zehpyria II even faster. Zephyria II is a luxury gulet, a beautiful and excellently equipped motor sailor, on which usually a maximum of 12 charter guests have their dream holiday on the Turkish coast and the Greek Islands of the Dodecanese. But now the proud lady, who weights around 135 tonnes, is in the gulet XL fast sailing class at the Cup that is traditionally the highlight at the end of a busy charter season.

Before the Cup there will be enough time to enjoy Bodrum ; a beautiful view from the castle of St. Peter that dominates bay and harbour is included . White houses pull themselves up on the green hills. Even at the end of the season there is still lively bustle in the picturesque shopping streets in the harbour and hubbub in cafes , bars and nightclubs, … in the Marina Yacht Club in the Milta Marina , in which the skippers’ meeting takes place, there is live music every night, not only for the Bodrum Cup . Along the promenade and on the jetty, a huge gulet fleet is waiting for the Cup, whose opening will be celebrated noisily by a chapel.

Bodrum Cup – Locations

Over 80 gullets and yachts are competing in the 5 races – almost all of them are charter ships , many of them of luxury or deluxe class. The route first passes many hills of Akyarlar, covered with white cottages, and the harbor of Turgutreis – to Gümüslük, a pretty village on the west coast of the Bodrum peninsula on the site of the ancient Myndos. Part of the fleet anchors in Turkish classical style with bow anchor and stern line in front of the Rabbit Island – next to the dinghy dock, fish restaurants and bars line the beach , in the Gumusluk Club the band rehearses for the open-air concert in the evening. Additionally there will be concerts in the local church – and an annual music festival.

The next stop of the race – the course goes past the island of Kalymnos – is the Greek island of Leros for two nights, which belongs to the southern Sporades. In the village Agia Marina, a typical Greek island town, the crews meet before evening parties at sea or on board for a drink in one of the numerous cafes, go shopping and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere. Back to the Turkish coast: due to bad weather, the race of Leros is unceremoniously cancelled after Yalikavak – and by motor the Nobel Marina Palmarina is reached quickly. A trip by car shows the stunning scenery of the Bodrum- peninsula with many small villages and bays, diversified agriculture, diverse coastlines, more small ports – and towering distinctive jagged rocks. In the evening, a party in Palmarina for the regatta participants, and really good Turkish pop music. Yalikavak itself has a pretty old town with a small harbour town, located on a large bay – and has grown up the mountain with white houses. Good wind in glorious sailing weather brings the fleet back to Bodrum a day later.

Life on board at the Bodrum Cup – enjoy racing in a relaxed manner

Regatta fever on one hand, on the other hand a comfortable relaxed life on board: on board of a luxury gulet this is really no contradiction at all. However, the permanent crew, which normally consists of four people, including Captain Ismail , was topped up with seafarers of other gulets to facilitate the manoeuvres . The Zephyra II is not built for quick turns and cruises against the wind, but at half wind she is pretty fast. While the crew works and Dominique , sailor and motor boat captain from France , brings sailing expertise , the guests can enjoy : take a lot of photos of the competitors , cheer the crew on with good music , in between take a nap in the shade , offer the sea a good sip of sacrifice with your midday beer , so that wind and waves are favourable , a relaxed chat …

Regatta sailing as pure relaxation. And no sooner is the finishing line of each respective stage passed and the sails taken in, you will be drawn in by the luxury life on board: best Turkish cuisine is served for lunch and dinner, various cocktails savoured, an anchor stop for swimming fitted in. The wine cellar of Zephyria II seems to be inexhaustible, the energy of the crew , which focuses on the pampering of the guests again , continues unabated even after the races , the quarterdeck is large enough for dancing … and as good as the Parties on shore or the clubs in Bodrum undoubtedly are: the evenings on board in the best of moods are no less entertaining.

Last but not least: Zephyria II has not reached her previous top speed of 13.5 knots this year, but the speed of up to 9 knots and Dominique’s fine trim were sufficient for a place on the podium – according to owner Halil according to international remuneration rules even for the overall victory. For all sailors and guests, because of the high fun factor the heavy lady was Nr 1 by far anyway.

The special boat:

Merlin sailing Bodrum Cup

MERLIN – a 36 meter long luxury yacht that stands out: construction in the style of a modern motor yacht, on the trunk of a motor glider – combined with a high-tech rig . Modern interior, large swimming platform, numerous water toys: Up to 8 charter guests have fun not only when sailing!

Superyachts in Greece and Turkey – sighted on the spot:


ANDREAS L (ex AMNESIA ) in the port of Kos , before cruising to the Turkish coast : The 60 meter long Benetti with 6 guest cabins was built in 2008 – with very elegant lines and contemporary interior design , which leaves no wish unfulfilled . Pure relaxation in the hot tub and on multiple sun decks.


AZZURRA II in the Bay of Yalikavak ( Bodrum Peninsula ) before the Nobel Marina Palmarina – almost 48 feet long . Built by CRN, the ship has space for 10 guests, a master suite on the upper deck with great panoramic view – Jacuzzi for 6 people, outdoor theatre , large sunbathing areas and much more.